Microcomputer systems and networks

Microcomputer systems and networks


  • Install and configure basic and application software, wired, wireless or mixed local networks and connected to public networks.
  • Install, configure and maintain multi-user services, applications and shared devices in a local network environment.
  • Assemble and configure computers and peripherals.
  • Determine the logistics associated with the installation, configuration and maintenance of microcomputer systems.
  • Diagnose dysfunctions in microcomputer systems and networks through functional tests.
  • Rethink local network wiring and electronics in small environments and their connection to wide area networks.
  • Execute established procedures for recovering data and applications from system failures and losses.
  • Prepare technical and administrative documentation of the system, prepare budgets and advise the client.

Training Plan:

Professional Module Hours 1st course (h/week) 2nd course
2 terms (h/week) 1 term (hours)
0221. Assembly and maintenance of equipment. 235 7    
0222. Single-user operating systems. 155 5    
0223. Office applications. 235 8    
0229. Training and career guidance. 90 3    
0225. Local networks. 235 7    
0226. Computer security. 140 6  
0227. Networked services. 170 8  
0228. Web applications. 100 5  
0224. Networked operating systems(1) 180 8  
0230. Company and entrepreneurship. 60 3  
0231. Training in workplaces. 400     400
Total in the training cycle: 2000 30 30 400

Admission Requirements

Direct access:

  • Hold a Graduate Degree in Compulsory Secondary Education or a higher academic level.
  • Have a Basic Professional Degree (Basic Professional Training).
  • Hold a Technician or Auxiliary Technician degree or equivalent for academic purposes.
  • Have passed the second year of the Unified and Multipurpose Baccalaureate (BUP).
  • To have passed the University entrance exam for people over 25 years old.

Access by test:

  • Have passed the entrance exam to intermediate level training courses (at least seventeen years of age in the year in which the exam was taken must be taken).

Work Output

  • Installer-repairer of computer equipment.
  • Computer support technician.
  • Data network technician.
  • Repairer of microcomputer system peripherals.
  • Microcomputer commercial.
  • Tele-assistance operator.
  • System operator.

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