Networked Computer Systems Management

Networked Computer Systems Management


  • Manage server operating systems, installing and configuring the software, under quality conditions to ensure system performance.
  • Manage network services (web, electronic messaging, file transfer, etc. ) by installing and configuring the software, under quality conditions.
  • Implement and manage databases by installing and administering the management software under quality conditions, according to the characteristics of the operation.
  • Evaluate the performance of hardware devices by identifying possibilities for improvement based on performance needs.
  • Determine the telematic network infrastructure by drawing up schemes and selecting equipment and elements.
  • Integrate communications equipment into telematic network infrastructures, determining the configuration to ensure their connectivity.
  • Manage users according to operational specifications to ensure access and availability of system resources.
  • Diagnose system malfunctions and take corrective action to restore system functionality.
  • Manage and/or maintain the resources of your area (scheduling and verifying compliance), based on workloads and the maintenance plan.

Training plan

Professional Module Credits 1st course (h/week) 2nd course
2 terms (h/week) 2 term (hours)
0370 Network Planning and Administration 12 6  
0369 Implementation of Operating Systems 15 8    
0371 Hardware Fundamentals 3 3    
0372 Database Management 11 6    
0373 Markup Language and Information Management Systems 7 4    
0380 Vocational Training and Guidance 5 3    
0374 Operating Systems Administration 8   6  
0375 Network and Internet services 8   6  
0376 Implementation of Web Applications 6   3  
0377 Administration of Database Management Systems 5   3  
0378 Safety and High Availability 6   3  
0381 Business and entrepreneurial Initiative. 4   3  
Timetable reserved for free configuration   3  
0382 On the Job Training 22     370
0379 Project on Computer Network Systems Management 5     40
Total Credits 120 30h/week 30h/week

Guide of the Title of the Diploma: Higher Technician in Computer Network System Management

Admission Requirements

Direct access:

  • To be in possession of the Baccalaureate Degree, or a certificate of having passed all the subjects of the Baccalaureate.
  • Possess a Multipurpose Unified High School Diploma (BUP).
  • To have passed the second year of any kind of Experimental Baccalaureate.
  • Hold a Technical Degree (Intermediate Vocational Training).
  • Be in possession of a Higher Technical Degree, Specialist Technician or equivalent for academic purposes.
  • Have passed the University Orientation Course (COU).
  • Hold any University Degree or equivalent.

Access by test:

  • To have passed the entrance exam to higher grade training cycles (it is required to be at least 19 years old in the year of the exam or 18 years old for those who have the degree of Technician).
  • To have passed the University entrance exam for people over 25 years old.

Work Output

  • Systems administration technician.
  • IT manager.
  • Internet services technician.
  • Technician in electronic messaging services.
  • Support and technical support staff.
  • Technician in tele-assistance.
  • Database administration technician.
  • Network technician.
  • Systems Supervisor.
  • Communications services technician.
  • Web environment technician.

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